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Thai Massage

❝ "The most comfortable massage in the world" is said to be a Thai massage with a long history, the so-called Thai ancient massage ❞


Traditional Thai massage was certified by UNESCO as something to be passed on for generations and was registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2019.

Traditional Thai massage (also called Thai massage, Thai massage, ancient massage) that draws the flow of yoga, shiatsu, manipulative treatment, etc. is one of the traditional Thai medicine. It has a long history and is said to have been founded by Shivaka, who was the doctor of Butta, and was founded about 2500 years ago together with Buddhism in Thailand and has been passed down to the present day.

Traditional Thai massage massages the whole body from head to toe. As a difference between Thai traditional massage and general massage performed by shiatsu, practitioners who perform Thai traditional massage stimulate various muscles such as palms, elbows, knees and legs. By stimulating the energy line that flows through the human body called the sen with a slow rhythm and loosening the hardened muscles, blood flow is promoted, the balance of autonomic nerves is adjusted, It is said to have the effect of enhancing the natural healing ability. In addition, one of the characteristics of Thai traditional massage is that you can relax while stretching. Stretching enhances flexibility and transforms into a body that is less prone to fatigue. For this reason, it is also called "yoga for two".

Some people may have the image of “painful” or “acrobatic” when asked about traditional Thai massage, but please be assured that it is not a painful or forced posture massage.

When you are undergoing a Thai massage, your brain is filled with alpha waves, and you are in a state of half-sleep and half-sleep, your mind is stable, and your mind and body relax. Traditional Thai massage is also said to be "the most comfortable massage in the world". You should be able to experience the soft release of your body and heart.

 2500 年前に仏教とともにタイに伝わり現在まで受け継がれています。
Thai stretch massage effect

㊀ Stiff shoulders and low back pain Most of the causes of stiff shoulders and low back pain are due to the stiffening of certain muscles and unbalanced posture. Stretching helps to soften the stiff muscles and help keep your body in balance. It is also said to have good preventive effects.


㊁ Injury is hard to occur. Due to the stiff body, there are many cases where you cannot move quickly and get injured. Stretching makes your muscles softer and easier to move.


㊂ Even if you do similar exercises that increase the effect of exercise, it is said that energy consumption will increase because the joints can be moved greatly if the body is soft. It is also said to have a training effect.


㊃ It is said that after stretching, which has a relaxing effect, alpha waves increase, heart rate decreases, and sympathetic nerves work. The parasympathetic nerve works to bring the body to a relaxed state.


㊄Sleep is improved By working the sympathetic nerves, it becomes easier to get sleep and the quality of sleep is also improved.


㊅ Stretching to improve fatigue recovery is said to improve blood flow and improve fatigue recovery. It is also said that stretching has the effect of reducing muscle fatigue. The stretch used in Thai ancient massage has various effects. If you do stretching not only when you receive a massage, but on a daily basis, the effect will increase even more. *All courses can be added: Thai style face and tone massage.

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