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Foot Reflexology

❝ Massage the internal organs of the foot with aroma oil to stimulate the activity of the internal organs and improve blood and lymph flow

Foot Massage
What is Foot Reflexology?

As the human body leans on its hands, the toes on the same side, which are not stimulated, gradually become warmer.

This is called reflection, and not only the hands and feet, but the entire body of the human body is reflected.

Thai massage focuses on the foot because the soles and insteps of the foot are concentrated with nerves that control the whole body, such as the autonomic nerves.
Reflexology is a so-called reflexology in which the physical condition is adjusted by stimulating the reflex bands of the soles and insteps to maintain the health by one's own power, and Thai foot massage is also the principle.

"Comfortable" technique that mixes Eastern and Western techniques. By using the traditional finger joints and Thai instruments, it stimulates the reflex areas on the sole of the foot to indirectly act on the internal organs and organs. This is a relaxation health method that can be expected to improve health and reduce stress. You don't have to press it forcefully, and it's a little painful, but you can feel refreshed with a pleasant stimulus. It uses natural jojoba oil mixed with Thai traditional herbal ointment. In addition, at the end of the treatment, the shoulders and neck are loosened to ensure a well-balanced and relaxed atmosphere.

What is reflexology (foot massage, foot massage)? Reflexology is a word that combines reflex and learning, and is translated as reflexology.
Reflexology is based on the idea that the entire human body is projected on the bottom of the foot, and by stimulating each organ on the bottom of the foot and the area called "reflex area" corresponding to that organ, It is a treatment that can activate the organs. There are various theories about the origin of reflexology, but it is believed that it was developed in Egypt, China, and India, respectively. Modern reflexology originated in the West and is famous for its "Taiwanese style" and "English style."

足つぼマッサージ フットリフレクソロジーと
Le Zen Reflexology

It can be said that Le Zen's reflexology is similar to the Taiwanese style of using instruments depending on the joint of the finger and the place to be pressed, but it is not good to blindly give a strong stimulus and I try to give a comfortable stimulus. The Thai reflexology not only applies to the soles of the feet, but also to the instep, calf, and knees over a long period of time, which greatly improves the blood flow and improves overall stress and fatigue recovery and blood flow. You can expect improvement.

Le Zen uses natural jojoba oil that is not sticky and does not cause problems for most people's skin, combined with Thai traditional herbal ointment.

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