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Coconut oil massage

❝ It is important to eliminate tiredness and swelling on the same day.Let's make a daily aroma massage using coconut oil!

What is Coconut Oil?
Benefits of using coconut oil for aroma oil massage

Coconut oil is effective for aroma oil massage. When performing aroma massage, oil may be used to improve smoothness. Of course you can also use coconut oil as a massage oil.

I will introduce the basic aroma massage method.
1. Drink a glass of water to help flush away toxins and waste products
2. Spread coconut oil on both hands
3. Use the thumbs of both hands to loosen the soles of your feet
* Please loosen from the base of your thumb toward your heels.
4. Grasp each toe one by one and turn it gently
5. With your thumb, place your instep from the base of your finger toward your ankle
6. Hold the ankle with one hand and place your thumb in the recess at the bottom of the ankle, and turn the ankle around the ankle with the fingers of the other hand
*Please go with a little effort on your ankle.
7. Grab the ankle with both hands and gently rub from the calf to the back of your knee
*Let's alternate with both hands.
8. Place the thumbs of both hands on the back of your knees and gently push upwards

Trans fatty acid free

Trans fatty acids are substances that can be produced in the process of processing and refining fats and oils. It is said that ingestion of a large amount increases the risk of angina and myocardial infarction.

Common coconut oil is extracted at high temperature after chemical treatment, and trans fatty acids are produced during this extraction process.
However, the nutria coconut oil is a trans-fatty acid free virgin coconut oil produced by cold pressing.
It can be used for massage with confidence.

Causes of swelling in the legs include poor circulation and stress.
Relax and relieve stress with an aroma massage.
In addition, Nutoria coconut oil is produced with a single cold press process.
You can expect a relaxing effect because you can enjoy the sweet and refreshing scent of pure coconut.

Isn't the oil massage sticky?
But with coconut oil, you don't have to worry about stickiness.

About 70% of the ingredients in coconut oil are medium chain fatty acids.
Medium-chain fatty acids have a small molecule and easily penetrate into the skin, so stickiness is less noticeable.
Coconut oil doesn't get sticky, but it's slippery, so
It can be said that it is an effective oil for aroma massage to improve the flow of aroma.

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