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I love Thai massage where you can relax and feel.
We will do our best to make everyone happy, regardless of age or sex. Thank you.


  • Please confirm in advance if you are a designated customer.

    🔰 Notes on usage ⚠️ ・Our shop requires a reservation system. Please make a reservation by phone or online. If you have any questions such as not knowing the location on the day, please feel free to call us.

    *In rare cases, it may not be possible to connect the phone during congestion. Please be sure to leave a message as we will call you back. ・Please note that if the reservation time is over, the treatment time will be shortened or canceled.

    *If you cancel without contacting us, we may not be able to accept future reservations. ・Our store is not a "hospital/clinic/treatment room" etc. defined by the Medical Law.


    ⛔️ The use of the following people is strictly prohibited. ・Person under 18 years old (Available with parental consent) ・Pregnant, high fever, chronic illness, severe burns, inflammation, heart disease, infectious disease ・Those who are drunk ・Persons who are recognized as drug addicts, gang members, and other members of antisocial groups ・Person who has tattoos, etc. ・If you are forced to use a massage that cannot be done, you may be asked to leave the store. For those who make intimidating or violent behavior, we may ask you to immediately stop the operation and leave the store. In that case, we can not accept refund. -Other than that, we will strictly refuse the use of those who are not suitable for using our shop.

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